appointment ap‧point‧ment [əˈpɔɪntmənt] noun
1. [countable] an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place:

• Erlich was 25 minutes early for his appointment.

• He had an appointment with a union delegate at the Grand Hotel.

• Were you able to make an appointment to meet the area manager?

• Visits to the doctor's surgery are strictly by appointment (= you must make an appointment before coming ) .

2. [countable, uncountable] JOBS when someone is chosen to do a job, or the job itself:

• I am pleased to accept the appointment and have taken note of the terms laid down in your letter.

• a coherent policy for the dismissal and appointment of state employees

3. [countable] JOBS a person who is chosen to do a particular job:

• Our new appointment, Ms Baynes, seems to be working out very well.

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appointment UK US /əˈpɔɪntmənt/ noun
[C] a formal arrangement to meet or visit someone at a particular time and place: an appointment with sb »

What time is your appointment with the bank manager?

an appointment to do sth »

We have appointments to see several properties.

make/arrange/schedule an appointment »

If they want to see me, tell them to make an appointment.

doctor's/dentist's/medical appointment »

She's had a lot of time off work for medical appointments.

[C or U] HR the act or process of choosing someone for a job: »

The appointment of a new CEO is the next step in the evolution of the company.

sb's appointment as sth »

His appointment as chairman is likely to be announced this week.

sb's appointment to sth »

Her appointment to the company triggered a wholesale shake-up of the board.


The department needs to make several new appointments.

[C] HR someone who is chosen for a job: »

Some staff believe that Mr King was an unsuitable appointment.

by appointment — Cf. by appointment
See also LETTER OF APPOINTMENT(Cf. ↑letter of appointment)

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